Mailing #42

Overview of events spanning a thirty-year period (1979 to 2008) which have led the Christian Science Movement to its present state of fragmentation:


  1. Sale of the Fifth Avenue Reading Room property in New York City (1979)
  2. The Christian Science Monitor crisis (1988)
  3. Publication of The Destiny of The Mother Church (1991)
  4. Sale of Mary Baker Eddy's homes at Lynn and Chestnut Hill (2006)
  5. Change in the number of sections in the Lesson-Sermon (2006)
  6. Use of translations other than the King James Version of the Bible in the Lesson-Sermon (2008)

What Can We Do? - Compiled July 2008

Christian Science Board of Directors – Original Board (1892) up to the present (2008) 

PLEASE NOTE:  The supporting documents mentioned at the end of SM#42 are available only by "snail mail."  See Mailing #42A.