Mailing #32

An event for Christian Science youth; "Spirituality and Sexuality: A Divided Life?" breakout session attended by DiscoveryBound youth; Dick Davenport's handout from session; An attendee's notes from the breakout session; Comparison of the King James Bible with The Message by Eugene Peterson; DiscoveryBound evening gathering at Laguna Beach, January 14, 2006; San Juan Capistrano Sunday service, January 15, 2006, one attendee's notes; What is a Christian Scientist? What does a Christian Scientist do?; Some references from Mrs. Eddy's writings on sensualism; Letters from another attendee; Transcript of TMC Youth video; Dick Davenport's follow-up letter at the conclusion of DiscoveryBound weekend; Suzy Ingram's follow-up report; Leadership in Christian Science; "The Church Manual" by Blanche Hersey Hogue from the Christian Science Sentinel, Sept. 10, 1910; Conclusions to be drawn; What can we do? - Compiled February 2006