Mailing #26, Addendum & Second Addendum

Newspaper articles re homosexual marriage of Christian Science teacher, Kathleen Clementson to Suzanne Nightingale; AP photos of the wedding; Ms. Clementson's Journal-listing; What the Bible says about homosexuality; Articles from Christian Science periodicals re healing of homosexuality; Mary Baker Eddy's article "Wedlock"; Notes from telephone conversations with Ms. Clementson; Articles from The Christian Science Monitor and Sentinel including a picture of Ms. Clementson's and Nightingale's wedding-ringed hands; Transcript from of a "Live Chat with Kathleen Clementson"; Two Web sites that promote homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle for Christian Scientists; Christian Science vs. sensuality, some thoughts from a sheep; Implications and ramifications resulting from the example set by a Christian Science teacher who enters into a same-sex marriage; What can we do?; Two examples of stands taken by other churches against homosexuality and same-sex marriage; "The Devil's Auction".

Addendum:  Letters from the Christian Science Board of Directors from 1979 & 1980 to teachers, practitioners, and branch churches; Flyer-"Gay People in Christian Science" which prompted the aforementioned letters; Articles from Christian Science periodicals mentioned in the flyer; Standards for Mother Church membership from 1983; Transcript of reports of Annual Meeting 2004 by Virginia Harris, Walter Jones, and Gary Jones; Two "Items of  Interest" and an article from April 26 & June 7, 2004 Sentinel; Comments on article about kidney transplants in June 9, 2004; What can we do?

Second Addendum:  Recent articles from The New York Times, Ft-Myers News-Press and AOL News that reported on Kathleen Clementson's discipline by the Christian Science Board of Directors - Compiled June 2004