Mailing #18

Gary Jones' reply to Richard Illyes' letter to Virginia Harris suggesting term limits; "Publicly Speaking" February and March 2003; Comments by an attendee of lecture given by Judith Hardy Olson; Letter to lecturer David Stevens and his reply; Religion and Ethics Newsweekly cover story, February 14, 2003, "Christian Science"; Recent accounts of visits to Massachusetts Avenue Reading Room and services at The Mother Church; "'Seeker Sensitive' Christian Science Reading Rooms"; Excerpts from "Committee on Publication Daily Media Advisory"; Recent testimonies from the Christian Science periodicals; Update letter to signers and supporters of "Matters of Conscience"; Transcript of introduction to the daily TV broadcast of the Lesson-Sermon on March 9, 2003; Attendee's notes on a recent writer's workshop sponsored by a state COP and conducted by Don Feldheim; Cover and sample pages from March/April 2003 The Learning Annex including advertisement for a "Spirituality and Healing Workshop" given by lecturer Susan Cobb - Compiled March 2003