Mailing #11

(Part One) The state of the movement. Graphs showing the decline of churches and practitioners; Has the Christian Science movement been hijacked?; Timeline - Chronology of the History of the movement.

Attachments. #.1.Statement by the Christian Science Board of Directors (CSBD) re Mary Baker Eddy and drugs from 1929 Journal and Sentinel, #2 "Mrs. Eddy's Place" from 1943 Journal and Sentinel, #3 History of "Mrs. Eddy's Place" (The Six points), #4 Excerpts from 1945 Annual Meeting report, #5 1972 letter from Board of Education to teachers re teaching "Mrs. Eddy's Place", #6 Copy of leaflet "Mrs. Eddy's Place", #7 Excerpts from Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy -1945 &,1973 editions, #8 Excerpts from Mary Baker Eddy: The Years of Authority, #9 CSBD statement in November 1977 Journal re Mary Baker Eddy & drugs, #10 Chart of CSBD from beginning to present, #11 Brief history of sale of NYC Fifth Avenue RR, #12 Excerpts from Monitoring the News re hiring policies, #13 (1999) letter from Yvonne C. von Fettweis to TMC member re hiring policies, #14 Covers of World Monitor magazine, #15 Firsthand account from a C.S.B. on the 1988 teachers' meeting held in Boston, #16 (1991) Harvey Wood letter to C.S.B.'s re not teaching "Mrs. Eddy's Place", #17 The Mother Church (TMC) Clerk's (1990) letter & CSBD statement re Full-text Quarterly, #18 Flyer & program of ecumenical service for AIDS held at TMC, #19 Ad for MorSahlLive! show on the Monitor Channel, #20 (1990) letter from John Hoagland to Mort Sahl, #21 (1991) letter to Christian Science Organizations from the Manager of Outreach & Ministry Division of TMC, #22 Excerpt from 2001 letter to the Field by a dedicated TMC member, #23 March 10, 1992 Monitor article re reorganization at TMC, #24 (1992) letter from CSBD denying any claim to infallibility, #25 Facsimile of original & typed copy of 1993 "Resolution" statement by CSBD claiming its infallibility, #26 Information re TMC policy changes distributed to nurses & CSBD announcement in October 23, 1995 Sentinel, #27 Chronology of documents re controversy over publication of Destiny, #28 Changes in the format of Science and Health along with Mrs. Eddy's preface to the Science and Health Concordance, #29 Brochure from the first Harvard Mind/Body Conference (1995) listing Virginia Harris, C.S.B. as faculty member, #30 May 1995 Prodigy interview with Virginia Harris praising "New Age" belief systems and an excerpt from A Course in Miracles catalog, #31 Excerpts from Gillian Gill biography, #32 Samples of Sentinel covers, #33 Editorial by Archibald McLellan re Sentinel format, #34 Ad from 1998 Journal re Spiritual Millennium conference and three articles CS moral standards from 1973, 1974 & 1979, #35 Firsthand: account from a RR librarian on the Seneca Falls, NY conference on Mrs. Eddy, #36 "20 Year Template for Christian Science Reading Rooms Worldwide" and an individual's questions about the template, #37 Documents relating to the recall of December 1999 Journal re radical healing, #38 Firsthand accounts of Committee on Publication conference in Houston, TX (2000), #39 List and samples of links appearing on, #40 Examples of pluralism on, #41 Current publications (1994-1998) referring to CSBD chairman Virginia Harris as "leader" as contrasted by earlier Journal view of Mrs. Eddy (January 1977), #42 Program from (2001) Harvard Mind/Body conference listing Virginia Harris as faculty member.

Background information and/or firsthand observations regarding some of the events listed on the timeline; Some current examples of incidents in branch churches and/or Mother Church-sponsored activities which depart from Mary Baker Eddy's design; A few current examples of resistance to departures, History repeats itself - excerpts from a sermon by Jonathan Mayhew (1750); What can we do?

(Part Two) The promotion of Islam in Christian Science periodicals. References from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy regarding Muhammad, Islam, and Muslims; A few examples of articles which present Islam in the Christian Science periodicals; One student's comments on the adulteration of the periodicals; One individual's observations regarding the practice of Islam; A well-known, nineteenth-century writer's analysis of Muhammad and the Koran; Some facts to consider and concepts to evaluate when assessing whether the defense of Islamic culture and religion has a rightful place in the Christian Science periodicals - particularly the Journal and the Sentinel; What can we do?

(Part Three) The Morphine Controversy. Validation for the conviction that Mary Baker Eddy did not resort to the use of morphine after she discovered Christian Science.

Attachments:  #1 Statement by the Christian Science Board of Directors (1929), #2 Chapter from Retrospection and Introspection 1891 (first edition), #3 Example from Tomlinson's biography, #4 An overview of some dates and events relating to the morphine controversy, #5 Resolution issued by the Board of Directors (1993); The Calvin Frye diary controversy; What can we do? - Compiled December 2001